May 6, 2002

   With spring coming early in Ohio this year and summer right around the corner, I was stitching as fast as I could to finish my primitive star basket of currants and coxcombs.    I tried different methods to make the round currants and finally went down to the hardware store and bought 1-1/4” metal washers. I ended up buying about a dozen of them. Cut 2-1/4” circles out of your material. With double thread make a large knot at the end. Sew a running stitch ¼” in from the raw edge. (Similar to making a Yo-Yo) Lay the washer on the wrong side of the material, draw it up tight. Steam press both sides, but be careful the washer gets HOT. That’s why you need a dozen. This way you can press one and let it cool while going onto the next currant. The heat of the metal washer helps sets the crease in the material. When the washer cools off, loosen up the thread a bit and take out the washer and draw up your thread again. Lay the currant down to appliqué with the gatherings on the bottom side. The currant then has a nice round shape and the gatherings inside makes it looks like you stuffed it. I had so much fun with this whimsical folk art design that I’m making three more blocks and sewing them together lengthwise with borders on each side for a twin bed.

Have a great summer!

Happy Quilting !

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